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Thou Shalt Knot!

Want to become familiar with the 10 Commandments in a light and entertaining fashion?

Thou Shalt Knot is a “rope and knot” tile game that uses a crossword puzzle format to acquaint players with the Commandments.

Since no prior knowledge or memorization is needed to play, Thou Shalt Knot is great for kids and adults!

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Chapter and Verse

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Chapter & Verse

For people who want to broaden their Bible knowledge but may not know where to begin.

Chapter & Verse familiarizes players with Book, Chapter and Verse format and uses easy-to-read NIV scripture.

Unlike many other games that require extensive Bible knowledge or trivia to play, Chapter and Verse makes reading the Bible approachable and fun!

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Church Windows Game

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Church Windows

How would you like to inspire your family game night with an easy-to-play card game?

Church Windows is an intuitive card game where players assemble stained glass windows of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

In addition to the stained glass, the real beauty of Church Windows lies in its fun family memories.

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Church Windows Trivia – this card deck features stained glass windows found in Cologne Cathedral in Germany!

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