October 23, 2017

What’s Cookin’ in Your Cauldron???

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Enter if you dare, all budding witches and wizards into the small, dank hut of Fortuna Grimsbane, witch third class. Boiling away is a bubbling pot of pure purple magic. Fortuna holds her worn and dog eared “Magical Drafts and Potions” book and waves you in. She needs your help because the spell used to make this secret elixir is complicated and requires loads of ingredients to bring it to fruition. Have you come prepared with some of the recipe’s necessary elements?

Fortuna’s cupboard is low on beetle toes, hemlock root, powdered toadstools, dragon scales, essence of dried warts and the all-important raven’s blood. Gather ‘round and let’s get this concoction underway!

This spell binding game works best with a large crowd. Grab a large bowl from the cupboard and place it in the center of the table to act as a cauldron. Next give each witch or wizard 6 pieces of candy. Those assorted junior-sized wrapped candy bars work great! Lastly, swipe a total of 6 dice from your stash of board games.

Be the witch or wizard with the most candy at the end of the round to win.

The youngest witch or wizard goes first and then play moves clockwise.

On their turn, a player rolls one die for each piece of candy they own. In the first round, everyone starts with 6 pieces of candy, so all 6 dice will be thrown at once. As play continues, if a player ends up with 4 pieces of candy, they will throw 4 dice on their turn. But, if a lucky player ends up with more than 6 pieces of candy, they will still only roll 6 dice.

Each piece of candy is an ingredient that may end up in the purple magic pot. When candy is added to the cauldron, the player must state what it is; for example, “bat livers!”

When the dice are rolled, here’s what happens:

  • • For each 1, 2 or 3 rolled – Nothing! You can hold onto your candy.
  • • For each 4 rolled – add one piece of candy into the pot. (Don’t forget to call out what it is! Be creative!!!)
  • • For each 5 rolled – pass a piece of candy to the player on your right.
  • • For each 6 rolled – pass a piece of candy to the player on your left.

If during play, a player encounters nothing but bad luck and loses all their candy, opponents bang on the table and yell “BLACK CAT! BLACK CAT!” as the player passes away all their candy.

BUT, even if a player runs out of candy, they are NOT out of the game! (Don’t park that broom yet!) On their turn they can’t roll any dice but during play, opponents may have to pass them candy and they’re back in the game again!

Play continues until there is only one player remaining with candy. This lucky witch or wizard wins all the candy in the pot!

Looking for an easy-to-learn game to play with your Halloween party bunch? This one leaves the tricks behind and satisfies all with a real treat! Happy Halloween! Have fun!

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