October 30, 2017

Off to the Zombie Races!

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Beware – it’s Halloween night – werewolves are howling, ghosts haunting and bats flying. Costumed Trick or Treaters run from house to house looking to score sweets of all kinds. Afterwards, everyone will gather for a spook-tacular Halloween party!

Instead of a Beggar’s Night party where you bob for apples, eat glazed donuts along with fresh apple cider and tell ghost stories, how about changing it up this year? You are all invited to the first annual Zombie Races!!! Yes, the living dead want to take part in this autumnal holiday too, so they came up with their own spin on fun.

Be the first to get your zombie to walk 5,000 steps from old Oak Hill Cemetery to Magpie Mortuary to win!

Zombie races don’t require a lot of equipment; first get 5 dice along with a pen and paper for scoring. Each competitor must bring their own zombie and write their undead’s name on the score sheet.

High roll on a single die goes first and then play moves clockwise.

On a turn, a player throws all 5 dice to see how many steps their zombie will take.

  • • Ones are worth 100 steps
  • • Fives are worth 50 steps
  • • Three of any number in one roll, is the number thrown x 100. (For example, roll 3 sixes and it’s worth 6 x 100 = 600 steps)
  • • Throw 3 ones in one roll and get a whopping 1,000 steps!
  • • Roll a straight of 5 numbers in sequence in one roll (For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) to win 500 steps.

Roll the dice. Remove any scoring dice. You may choose to keep that score or roll the remaining non-scoring dice to rack up more steps for your zombie.

You may keep throwing dice as long as you are scoring steps for your zombie. You can choose to stop rolling whenever you want.

If you have scored with all 5 dice, you can roll them again and continue scoring on your turn.

Here’s the kicker! On your turn, if a roll of the dice doesn’t score, you get nothing – yup, a goose egg for your score! Your turn is over and the dice are passed to the next zombie team. Your poor zombie remains in place until your next turn!

Even though zombies can be a little slow and may needed to be prodded with some fresh flesh or brains, by intuitively rolling the dice, you’ll navigate your undead at an even pace for the win. (Don’t worry if it seems like your dice rolls leave you feeling busted at first. In this game, slow and steady wins the race!)

The first player to get his zombie to walk 5,000 steps is the winner! There’s a special prize awaiting your zombie in the lower level of Magpie Mortuary! Mmmm – yummy!

Throw tradition aside and give the zombies their due. Try zombie racing and you’ll find this walking dead contest a yearly Halloween event! Happy Haunting!!!

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