November 20, 2017

Words to the Wise

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Professor Horatio Strams is scholarly and extremely well-read. He has three PhD’s, dozens of degrees and teaches at prestigious Hootford University. He’s multilingual, the consummate grammarian and a word aficionado. Words make Professor Strams’ world go round. In fact, where in the world would we be without words? Words are more than just a hoot to Strams, they are his life!

To tickle his grey cells, the Professor spends his spare time indulging his passion for language by playing the word hunting game KEESDROW. (Here’s the real 4-1-1 on KEESDROW. It’s fun and easy to learn and you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to play this addictive word finding game! But don’t breathe a word of this to Professor Strams!)

KEESDROW is all about searching a labyrinth of letters on the game board for hidden words and marking them with different colored pegs to score points. To score big, form words using letters previously marked to double and even triple letter values. Be the first player or team to score the most points to win!

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KEESDROW in progress!

This word ID game comes with a game board, 36 double-sided tiles with 4 letters per side, green, yellow and red pegs in a storage box, sand timer, and score pad. Grab a pencil and you’re ready to go!

To get started, the 36 double sided letter tiles are mixed and laid onto the game board. The board acts as a frame to keep tiles in a 6 x 6 grid.

To decide who will go first, each player picks up one of the tiles and checks the letter in the upper left corner on the tile’s reverse side. The player with the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet goes first. Play continues clockwise.

The starting player scans the board looking for a word to build using contiguous letters that are up, down, left, right or diagonal. Just like the classic game of BOGGLE, the letters are linked to spell a word. Letters may be used more than once in the same word and can increase a player’s score!

Here’s the stop light approach to scoring letters. The word score is the total of all the individual letter values.

  • • Use a green peg the first time a letter is used. The value is what’s printed on the tile.
  • • Use a yellow peg the second time a letter is used. Pull out the green peg and replace it with a yellow. The value is now doubled for that letter.
  • • Use a red peg the third time a letter is used. Pull out the yellow peg and replace it with a red. The value is tripled for that letter.

Once a letter has been used 3 times and is marked with a red peg and can no longer be used for the rest of the game.

Players find and mark a word using the colored pegs, add up the score and record it on the score pad. Players may opt to use the two minute sand timer to keep turns timely.

Any English word can be used to score except those that are capitalized proper nouns, abbreviations or parts of words. If there is any question to the validity of a word, players may consult the dictionary or as the Professor calls it, the lexicon!

KEESDROW has multiple ways to win. Before the game starts, players decide on the end of play.

  • • Players agree to play to a certain point value; for example 250 points. The player or team reaching or exceeding that point value first wins.
  • • The number of turns is determined. After those turns are completed, the player or team with the highest score wins.
  • • The game continues until all players can’t make a word. The player or team with the highest score wins.

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To keep things interesting, KEESDROW comes with variations on play including a solitaire version. (This is Professor Strams favorite version. He is quite the night owl and fills his evenings hunting hidden words! )

KEESDROW is the perfect game for any word lovers and comes with its own hidden meaning. Spelled backwards it’s WORDSEEK! Likewise our own Professor Strams comes with his own secret word – SMARTS!!! (And that he HAS!!!)

Have fun!

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