November 27, 2017

Turkey Nest Hideout!

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The Thanksgiving holiday is over and shopping frenzy of Black Friday passed. Giblet the turkey finally breathes a sigh of welcome relief. It isn’t easy avoiding becoming the main event at the Thanksgiving meal! The thought of warm gravy and hot stuffing makes his blood run cold and his neck snood shake. BR-RRR!!!

Giblet and his flock survived the holiday by making a turkey nest hideout cleverly camouflaged to the outside world. The next hurdle is dodging the prospect of becoming Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! Double BR-RRR!!!

Do you want to test the invincibility of Giblet’s hideout?

Be the player to capture the most pairs of cards from the turkey nest. Get all the cards paired to win Giblet as your special guest for Christmas dinner!

Grab a deck of playing cards. This turkey nest game can be played solo or in competition with a few fine feathered friends.

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Nest Layout. Outermost cards available for pairing.

Shuffle the cards and deal out 8 columns of 6 cards face up in a radial pattern. Overlap them as shown in the graphic. This represents Giblet’s off-the-grid nest hideout.

When dealing out the cards, make sure there are no cards of the same value (i.e. two kings, two eights etc.) in the same column. If a matching card value card comes up, bury it into the deck and put the next card from the pack in its place. After dealing, there will be 8 columns of 6 cards all of differing values. The remaining 4 cards called the wishbones, are laid face up and used to make pairs. They’re really helpful if the game gets blocked!

To begin, look at the final card laid in each of the columns. Pick up exposed pairs of cards of the same value (two fours, two nines, etc.) and lay them aside face down for counting later. As pairs are lifted from the columns making up the nest, the next exposed card in a column is available for pairing.

A player keeps picking up pairs to clear columns. Don’t forget to use wishbone cards to make pairs and keep the game moving!

Be aware that Giblet the turkey has made it very difficult to penetrate to the center of his nest. It will take a lot of tries to clear the pairs to the nest and claim your prize.

If playing in competition and the nest isn’t cleared, the player counts his pairs and it becomes the next player’s turn to beat the number of pairs retrieved by their opponent. The cards are reshuffled and dealt as before. The player to get the highest number of pairs wins.

It’s never too early to plan the menu for Christmas dinner! Will it be turkey this year? OR crow if Giblet has his way about it???

Have fun and Bon Appetit!

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