December 11, 2017

The North Pole Fluff and Fold

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Myron, an elf and gift wrapping assembly line specialist at the North Pole, has just been reassigned to work in the North Pole laundry.

As you might imagine, the laundry runs like a fine Swiss watch at the North Pole. Clothes arrive in separate laundry bags marked with each North Pole resident’s name. The laundry from each bag is put into a single washer and then a dryer to keep clothes together. Myron’s job is to take the clothes from 4 washers and put them into 4 dryers. When the drying cycle is complete, he folds them and puts them back into each individual laundry bag.

It sounds pretty easy, right? But, for a present wrapping assembly line worker whose world has been all about tape, scissors and gift wrap, this whole process is a huge conundrum!

Myron had the best of intentions, but on his first day of work, his new job jitters got to him. All 4 washers buzzed the end of their cycle at the same time. Panic set in and he emptied the clothes from all the washers into a single laundry cart. He then threw the clothes willy-nilly into each of the dryers. It wasn’t until the end of the drying cycle that he realized that he had intermixed all the clothing! Can you help Myron sort the clothes and get them into the laundry bags before his supervisor finds out? His career at the North Pole laundry depends on it!

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Grab a deck of cards and a box of dryer sheets. (Ha, ha, just kidding about the dryer sheets!) Shuffle the cards and deal 4 stacks of four cards face up in a column at the left side of the table. These are the 4 dryers filled with clothes. Deal the next card face up and lay it to the right of the top dryer pile. This card starts the first fluff and fold row. For example, if the first fluff and fold card is a 10 of clubs, each 10 that appears starts another fluff and fold row next to another dryer. There will be 4 fluff and fold rows. (Hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades)

The balance of the deck is a stock pile of folded clothes that need to be sorted. Your job is to get all 13 cards of each suit from stock and the 4 dryers in the correct fluff and fold pile to win and make Myron’s first day of work a success!

Now, here’s how to get this laundry party started. Cards are laid on the starting fluff and fold cards in suit, but NOT in sequence. Overlap the cards slightly so they can all be seen. Any card of the same suit as the first fluff and fold card can be laid in that row. For example, if the first fluff and fold card is the 10 of clubs, any club can be laid next to it. But here’s the twist that can cause some static build up in the play. No card can be laid next to the second fluff and fold card (for example the 10 of diamonds) until the card of that same rank has been played in the first row. As the game progresses, cards can only be laid in the third row that match the rank of the cards in the second. Similarly cards laid in the fourth row must match the rank of the cards in the third.

Turn the stock cards over one at a time to play cards to the fluff and fold rows. Cards that can’t be played are put in a waste pile. The top card of the waste pile is available for play at any time as well as the top dryer cards.

There is no limit on the amount of times you can go through the cards.

Get all 13 cards of each suit in the proper fluff and fold row to win! If the game becomes blocked, you’ll have re-launder your clothes and try again!

This laundry day solitaire game may take you a few plays to win. But, don’t give up, leave the clothes in the dryer and end up with wrinkles! Myron’s reputation is relying on you!

Gotta go – I hear the dryer buzzing! Have fun!

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