February 11, 2019

The Game of 5 Houses

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Members of 4 households circle the streets of India in a race to reach the city center pavilion first! The winning team will get the high honor of setting off the first fireworks for the spectacular Festival of Lights celebration!

Who will be the luckiest and most strategic house to arrive at the festival first? Will it be the House of the Lotus, the House of Taj, House of Drums or House of the Tiger? Let’s get this 2 to 4 player competition started and find out!

Click here to print out a game board and playing pieces. Use 4 pennies as dice. Each player chooses a house on the board for their home base and claims its 4 matching tokens. Tokens are left off the board until play starts.

Be the player to get all 4 members (tokens) of your house to the city pavilion in the center of the board to win!

Choose someone to go first. Play moves clockwise.

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This classic Indian board game uses small seashells to move tokens instead of dice. For this version we’ll use 4 pennies to move around the board. On a turn throw all 4 pennies. Get:

  • • 1 head to move 1 square
  • • 2 heads to move 2 squares
  • • 3 heads to move 3 squares
  • • 4 heads to move 4 squares PLUS get an extra turn
  • • 4 tails to move 8 squares PLUS get an extra turn

To begin, the first player throws all 4 pennies and puts one of their pieces onto the board at their home base and moves it in a counter clockwise direction.

Movement on the lighter outer ring of spaces is always counter clockwise. Once in the darker middle ring on the board, tokens are moved in a clockwise direction. When a token has been around the middle ring, it moves to the center city pavilion square in the center of the board, at its matching color entrance arrow and waits safely for their other team members to show up.

If a player’s token lands on the same space occupied by an opponent, and it is NOT one of the four home base spaces, they capture it and send it back to start! The capturing player gets another turn.

Tokens landing on any of the four home base spaces are safe from capture.

Tokens making a full lap around the outer ring of the board can enter the middle ring at their matching color arrow IF this player has captured at least one of their opponent’s tokens. If they haven’t completed a capture, they must wait to enter the middle ring until one has been completed. BUT, only one capture is needed in the game to access the middle ring. Once done, a player’s remaining tokens may enter the middle ring without having to make any further captures.

The first player to get all 4 members (tokens) of their house to the city pavilion in the center of the board wins! Get ready for a stunning Festival of Lights fireworks display!

Want to add a bit more spice to the game? Check out these options for play.

  • • To enter the first token onto the board, a player must throw either 4 heads or 4 tails. After that, remaining tokens can be brought on to the board without having to roll 4 heads or tails.
  • • If a player completes their lap around the outer ring of the board and still hasn’t made a capture to access the middle ring, they make another lap around the board until they complete a capture.

Let’s get the celebration started, with this ancient Indian game sure to have you running in circles for the win!

Have fun!

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