February 18, 2019

The Double Life of Dr. Doppelgänger

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Dr. Doppelgänger’s dogs – Ruff and Ruff Ruff

Dr. Doppelgänger is obsessed with doubles! His favorite pastime is to spot celebrity look alikes and hopes to someday see a dead ringer for himself!

Literally, Dr. Doppelgänger leads a double life. He’s obsessed with filling his world with doubles, from seeing a movie double feature while double dating, to eating double decker sandwiches with a double dip of ice cream for dessert! His life is all about duplication!

When it comes to his free time, in addition to playing doubles tennis, Dr. Doppelgänger loves playing double six dominoes! His favorite game is all about, you guessed it, DOUBLES!

Does this all sound like double talk? Well, round up 2 to 4 players, a set of double six dominoes, score pad and pencil, and soon Dr. Doppelgänger will have you seeing doubles too!

To win this double delight game, be the first player to get 15 points if playing with 2 players, or 10 points if playing with 3 to 4 players.

Shuffle the dominoes facedown. Each player draws 6 tiles if playing with 2 to 3 players, or 5 tiles when playing with 4 players. Players arrange their tiles so the faces are hidden from opponents. The remaining tiles are pushed aside to become the bone pile for picking later.

The player with the highest double goes first by laying it in the center of the table vertically. All doubles are laid vertically, but unlike a spinner does not branch in 4 directions. Moving clockwise, the next opponent lays a domino horizontally next to one of the sides of the double, matching the end pips of their tile with the pips of the double.

If a player is unable to make a play, they may draw one tile from the bone pile. If this tile is unplayable, they must pass. When the bone pile is used up and a player is unable to play, they must pass.

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Let’s start scoring some points!

  • • The player going first by laying the highest double scores 2 points.
  • • Get the 2 free ends of the layout to have matching number pips to score 2 points. (Check out the look-alike ends!)
  • • Get the 2 free ends of the layout to have matching number pips using a double, to score 3 points. (Look-alike ends with a double – INCREDIBLE!)
  • • Get 2 points for winning the round of play.

Play continues until one player lays their last tile to end the round. They collect 2 points. If play stops because no one has a playable tile, the game is blocked. The winner of the blocked round is the player who does not hold a double tile OR has the fewest doubles OR has the fewest total pips in hand.

The dominoes are turned facedown, shuffled and the next round begins.

The first player to accumulate 15 points if playing with 2 players or 10 points if playing with 3 to 4 players is the WINNER!!!

Follow Dr. Doppelgänger’s lead and double down this game night, with his favorite double six domino game that’s all about DOUBLES!

Have fun!

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