December 4, 2017

Spy vs Snitch

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Four top secret dossiers have been stolen and it’s up to you to recover them! Luckily, the evidence was scattered before getting into the hands of foreign agents. Your hard work and experience has paid off as you manage to string together a network of 13 informants ready to sell small pieces of the information BEFORE contacting your adversaries and blowing national security!

Get ready to recover classified intelligence in this undercover solitaire card game of international espionage!

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Grab a deck of playing cards, shuffle them and deal out 13 stacks of 4 cards each. Put 7 card stacks in the first row and 6 in the second row below it. The first 3 cards of each stack are dealt face down and the fourth card is laid face up. Each stack represents one sneaky snitch’s stolen information for sale.

When an ace shows up on a stack, it’s the starting information card for one of the 4 dossiers. It’s moved to a third row below the 13 stoolies piles of hot documents. Get each dossier’s information reassembled from ace to king in suit and sequence to save national security and win!

The face up cards lying on each snitch’s stack are moved onto the aces in suit and sequence up to king.

The top card of each stack can also be built downward in ascending sequence regardless of suit onto other card stacks to access the cards below. Once the top card from a stack is removed, the next card is turned face up.

When kings appear in the stack, move them to the bottom of their pile.

When all the cards in a stack are removed, the empty space is not filled. Before clearing away the last card in a stack, see if keeping it allows you to uncover more cards for play.

Get all 4 aces built up in suit and sequence to king to successfully recover all the stolen files for the win!

If there are no more moves and the game gets stuck, you’ll have to get your best spy on and try again!

Forget James Bond. It’s spy vs snitch in this solitaire game of global intrigue! Have fun!

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