November 13, 2017

Ready to Flip YOUR Lid???

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It’s team blue vs red in this clue solving game guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing! How quickly can your brain solve a clue and get your hands grabbing letters to spell out the answer? With ACROSS WORDS, it’s a battle of wit, speed and dexterity to be the first team to flip their lid and score!

Be the team to solve the clue, spell out the answer and flip the lid on the game board before your opponents can to score a point. The first team to score 5 points wins the round. The first team to win 2 rounds triumphs and becomes the ACROSS WORDS champs!

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ACROSS WORDS contains an electronic game unit with its own built-in talking emcee to direct the play, 13 letter tiles for each team and a stack of clue cards each containing 9 clues. A clue card is placed in the holder between teams. When the game is switched on, a code number for the clue card is punched into the unit. Now you’re ready for some fast action play! The emcee calls out the number of the clue to be solved (for example clue 6) and the amount of letters in the answer. Clue 6 reads, “Killer Whale” and the answer contains 4 letters. A race of alphabetic proportion begins as teams compete to solve the clue and spell the answer using their letters!

Let’s hit the pause button here for split second and talk about letters. Each team only has A, B, C, E, I, L, M, O, P, R, S, T and U to spell out their answers. If teams get stumped, every 5 seconds the emcee gives clues like, “The 3rd letter is a C”.

In this example, the first team to correctly spell out the word “ORCA” flips down the lid on their side of the game board. Play ends, the emcee verifies which team flipped their lid first, spells out the answer, and asks if the team got it right by pressing a yes or no button. Get it right to score a point. BUT if a team gets it wrong by misspelling their word, having missing or upside down letters, the point goes to their opponents! (Giving away points to the opposing team WILL make you want to flip your lid! UGH!!!)

Another race begins with the ACROSS WORDS emcee calling out the number of the next clue to be solved.

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Play continues until one team flips their lid for the last time to score a total of 10 points!

How quickly can you think and throw down the letters? ACROSS WORDS will have you wigging out AND flipping your lid for the win! Have fun!

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