October 2, 2017

Great Balls of Fire!!!

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Put 9-1-1 on your phone’s speed dial and get ready to fight fire with fire. You’re about to experience a raging and uncontrollable WILDFIRE!

The domino game of WILDFIRE starts with an electronic campfire game hub in the center of the table. But, as play progresses, that s’more friendly fire turns into a wild inferno! Are you up to the challenge? Then read on!

Most gamers have played basic dominoes. You remember – the player with the highest double domino lays first and everyone lays a domino so the dots on one end match the dots on the open end in the layout. When a double is laid, it is placed at a 90 degree angle (perpendicular) to the layout and dominoes can be played off its ends too. If you can’t play on the layout, you must pick one domino from the bone yard. Play it, or if not, a player must pass. The first one to get rid of all their dominoes ends the round.

In WILDFIRE, the player with the highest domino places it in the center game hub. The game hub has 4 notches for players to play a domino with an end matching the number of the domino in the center. A player may also choose to match their domino to an open end already laid around the hub.

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Bottom Layout – Single Wild Domino
Right Layout – Double Wildfire
Left Layout – Triple Wildfire

WILDFIRE uses the basic rules of dominoes but kicks it up a notch with its own special double 9 domino set complete with flames! There are 3 kinds of flames.

  • • Single Wild Ones
  • • Double Wildfire
  • • Triple Wildfire

Single Wild Ones flames are wild and can be any number needed to match to the layout. If a single wild flame ends up on the open end of the layout, the game hub is pressed. The sound of fire and sirens is heard as racing lights stop on a number from 1 to 9. For example, if the game hub light stops on a 5, then the next domino laid must be a 5 before play resumes. If the next player can’t lay a 5, they pick from the bone yard. If unsuccessful, their turn is over and the following player must lay a 5 and so on. Once a 5 is laid, play resumes as before.

When a Double Wildfire is laid, the next 2 plays must be made on the open end of this Wildfire domino using the number generated by the game hub. As before, if a player doesn’t have the correct number to play, they must pick from the bone yard and play the new domino if possible. If unsuccessful, they must pass and it is up to the next player to try to lay the correct number domino and so on. When the Double Wildfire is completed, play continues. The two dominoes used to satisfy the Double Wildfire create a “V” shape and fuel the WILDFIRE layout!

A Triple Wildfire laid means the next 3 plays must be made in this Wildfire tile using the number the game hub highlights. As above, the Triple Wildfire must be resolved before normal play resumes. The three dominoes used for the Triple Wildfire create a “W” shape and enlarge the WILDFIRE even more!

Starting a WILDFIRE when an opponent only has a few dominoes left in hand can level the playing field and increase your chances of winning! It’s like pouring fuel on an already raging fire!!!

WILDFIRE is easy to play. Players each start with 7 dominoes that are arranged so opponents can’t see their faces. The remaining dominoes are put aside to form the bone yard. The player with the highest double goes first and places the double in the game hub. Successive players may choose to lay a domino at the edge of the hub that matches the number of the domino in the center OR to lay one on the open end of the layout. Play continues.

When a player only has one domino remaining in hand, they must knock to let opponents know. (You never know, there might be enough time for an opponent to start another WILDFIRE!!!)

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The player to lay their last domino ends the play and scores zero points. Opponents tally and record the the score for dominoes left in hand. One dot equals one point. Wild Ones equal 10 points, Double Wildfires equal 20 points and Triple Wildfires 30 points! If the game becomes blocked, each player adds up the points left in hand and records it on a score pad. Then the next round begins.

When a player gets 300 or more points, the game is over. The player with the lowest score wins!

Why not play classic dominoes with a fiery twist? Ignite your game night with a blaze of WILDFIRE!

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Wildfire instructions, 2005, Fundex Games, Ltd.

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