March 11, 2019

Competition at the Coop

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It’s casino night at the Rise and Shine Poultry Farm and all the roosters have flocked to the hen house for some serious competition! Six of Farmer Fox’s hens have bedded down in their nesting boxes and are ready to put their egg laying abilities on the line for a cut of the action!

Romeo, a bit of a bad egg and the ring leader of this band of free range fowl, has come up with a dice throwing game, sure to get this hen party rocking!

To win at this contest, be the chicken to gather the most eggs!

All you need is 2 to 5 players, a single die, pencil and a score sheet to play. Click here to print out a score sheet. On the top of a column, write each player’s name.

Before we begin, let’s check out the nesting box line up! In box 1 we have Beulah. Even though she’s no spring chicken, she would give her gizzard for a cut of this pie! In box 2 is Flossy, whose smile can turn any rooster into a heart sick fryer! Box 3 belongs to Aggie, who has a pair of extra-large eyes and dons designer eye wear. (You’ve heard of Calvin Cluck frames, right?) Miss Erma in box 4 is an egg head and has calculated the odds on winning and will keep score. Peony, voted best set of drumsticks of the group, occupies box 5. And last, but not least, in box 6 there’s Sunny who struts her stuff! She’s a real beauty with feathers in all the right places! (Cock-a-doodle-do!)

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Now on to the contest!

This egg laying game happens in a half-dozen rounds. On a turn, each player throws the die once and decides from which hen to gather eggs. The number of eggs is determined by the number thrown on the die multiplied by the hen nesting box number. The amount is written on the score sheet. A player may use each hen box number only one time.

Here’s an example. Romeo throws a 4 on the die. He decides to gather eggs from Sunny in box 6. (Ooo-la-la!) Romeo scores 4 x 6 = 24 eggs. Miss Erma fills in 24 in the nesting box 6 line on the score sheet under Romeo’s name. Play continues clockwise with the next player throwing the die once.

When all the nesting box spaces have been filled in by the players, the game is over. The scores are tallied. The player with the highest number of eggs is the WINNER! (Let’s egg them on to play again!!! Woo hoo!!!)

Low scorer ends up with egg on their face!

Don’t be a cluck! Put all your eggs in one basket with this egg laying, die throwing, egg-actly perfect game!

Have fun!

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