December 14, 2015

Thales’ Magic Star

Centuries ago, wizard twins were born under the constellation Gemini named Mekbuda and Geminga. Even though they looked identical, their personalities couldn’t be more different. No matter what the situation was, they were in conflict. There was never a peaceful moment when the two were together. Their father, King Thales was a great wizard and mathematician. He was fearful that the twins opposing[...]
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August 10, 2015

You Can Do Magic!

Magicians are a special breed of all their own. They make us believe that they have the power to harness supernatural forces that make objects appear, disappear, transform, levitate and move inexplicably. They are the creators of illusion and demonstrate that even a person cleaved in half can be restored as good as new using their mysterious abilities! Magicians mystify as they “flirt with death”[...]
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