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Hi! I’m Karen – an architect, Owner of The Owl Works, LLC and game inventor. I’d like to share my passion about games with you.

I grew up in a family of 7 in a rural community in Ohio. We didn’t have a lot of kids in our neighborhood so we ended up figuring out how to entertain ourselves and have fun together. We built paths and played in the woods, constructed a tree house out of scrap lumber (my first architectural feat ever!), rode bikes and played outside with our cats and dogs. (One time we ended up with 14 cats, but that’s a long story about when Grandpa visited and surprised us by bringing two cats – one male, one female AND we already had one female cat. You do the math!)

During the summer, our family never really vacationed. So, we invented all kinds of things to keep us busy. We knew one thing for sure, if you hung around the house, Mom would put you to work. Keeping busy outside all day and out of Mom’s way was our goal. We would pack picnic lunches, fill a Kool-Aid canteen with water and head out of the house for the day.

Remember how it felt to have the whole summer in front of you and each day was long and lazy? We filled many of those summer days playing board games. We’d laugh, hurl personal shots and heckle each other while we played our favorite games over and over again. That was our form of sibling communication!


Via: Dave K.

I was a tomboy and never thought twice about playing the game Mystery Date UNTIL one summer when my cousin came to stay with us for a few days. She had a Mystery Date game and was raring to play it. The object of the game was to collect cards to complete an outfit to wear on a date. Once the outfit cards had been collected, the door in the center of the game board was opened. There you could see if the date matching your outfit had arrived. Behind the door were 4 handsome dates and 1 Geeky Guy. If you got the Geek, you were penalized and had to discard the outfit cards you had accumulated. I swear, every single time I played, I got the Geeky Guy! So much for my love life! (and my love affair with Mystery Date!) Check out this vintage commercial for Mystery Date.

I’ve got so many great memories from playing games. I’d like to share them with you and would love if you could share yours with me. Games bring people together. What’s not to like about that???

Welcome to my Blog, let’s talk about GAMES and the memories they make!

Thanks for reading!


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