January 28, 2019

Take the High Road – Mayan Style

Let’s celebrate the innovation of the natives of ancient Mexico and Central America, the Mayans! Their highly developed civilization was known for skills in writing, art, architecture, a bar and dot counting system that included zero, elaborate calendars and astronomy. Mayans were master farmers that used advanced growing methods such as crop terracing and irrigation. A normal diet consisted of mainly[...]
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January 21, 2019

Remembering the Chicago Wheel

Rose Cranz carefully places a well-worn scrapbook in her lap. She begins flipping through the pages gently as to not tatter its contents. Memories flood in with the stories her great grandfather had re-counted, reaching back at least 6 generations. Young and inspired Harry Cranz started life in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where he left school to take a job at a local steel mill. The work was hard and the[...]
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January 14, 2019

Don’t Bounce the Account!

Your independently wealthy Aunt Goldie is the CEO of the world-renowned Platinum Pinkie Jewelers store chain. Recently her attorney advised that she map out a succession plan for her thriving enterprise. She would like to keep the company in the family and now looks to her relatives for the passion and business smarts needed to keep Platinum Pinkie Jewelers a household word. To make a decision on who will[...]
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January 7, 2019

North Pole R & R

Another Christmas is over and the new year is in, Santa’s workshop is silent from its usual din. No elf can be found nor reindeer with kin, and the sleigh sits on blocks ‘til the next holiday begins. Where they’ve all gone, fills them with glee. They’re sunning and surfing, in warm Hawaii! News Flash from the Arctic Circle Courier: Just in – Santa and the entire crew at the North Pole has[...]
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