August 28, 2017

Ancient India’s Answer to Shop ‘til You Drop

Welcome to the ancient marketplace of Jaipur in western India. You’ve travelled over 260 km from New Delhi by camel caravan to Jaipur with hopes to win a competition that will take you from an ordinary spice dealer, to the Maharaja’s personal trader! The market is jammed with goods ranging from diamonds, gold and silver to luxury cloth, leather and spices. Oh yeah, let’s not forget camels[...]
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August 21, 2017

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

You’re invited to a dance party of the most majestic kind. You’ll be hitting the dance floor along with gobs of noble guests from surrounding kingdoms. If you want to come out of this affair a winner, you’ll have to put your best foot forward without stepping on any toes. Can you get all these royals paired up and cutting the rug, leaving the kings and queens dancing cheek to cheek? Let’s[...]
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August 14, 2017

Let Others Tell of Storms & Showers
I Tell of Sunny Morning Hours

One of the earliest ways of keeping track of time was the sundial. Ancient civilizations like the Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks, all the way through the Middle Ages, used the sundial to measure the moments of their lives. The sundial relies on nature to do its work. As mother Earth rotates, it causes the sun to look as if it is tracking across the sky. Sunlight casts shadows on objects below[...]
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August 7, 2017

The Great Luggage Debacle

The summer season is in high gear with thousands of travelers each day jetting off to exotic destinations and warm summer beaches. Travel plans have been made, tickets purchased, hotels booked and now it’s time for all out fun and relaxation! Today’s departing airport passengers make a bee line to the ticket counter to check their luggage and then hit the skies for the vacation of their dreams! Air[...]
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