September 26, 2016

Tickets, Please!

The newest sci-fi flick is about open, Attack of the Red Planet Aliens, and you’re invited to the premiere! The media has been all abuzz about this interplanetary thriller and even the local radio station, WKUL, has been running a contest where lucky callers can win pairs of movie premiere tickets! Along with the aroma of buttery popcorn, the lobby is jammed with enthusiastic movie goers ready[...]
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September 19, 2016

Ohio vs Michigan

Welcome sports fans to the grudge match of the season! It’s Ohio vs Michigan –that’s MICHIGAN RUMMY, to be precise! A rowdy gang from the Buckeye State and I are out to settle the score with our old nemesis. All first string players will be starting today, but when the chips are down, only one can be the hands down MICHIGAN RUMMY winner! Let’s huddle up! Pre-game activities include[...]
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September 12, 2016

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair!

Remember this classic fairy tale? Here’s how it unfolds! A couple longing for a family is finally expecting their first child. They live next door to a witch that has a walled garden filled with lush plants and herbs. The wife spies Rapunzel plants growing in the witches’ garden from her window and yearns to eat them. To satisfy her craving, her husband climbs the wall and steals some of the[...]
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September 5, 2016

Let’s do the Twist!

♫♪ “Come on baby, let’s do the twist. Come on baby, let’s do the twist. Take me by my little hand and go like this.” ♪♫ Okay all you Chubby Checker fans, grab a partner, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to twist! ♫♪ “Ee-yah twist baby, baby twist. Ooh yeah, just like this. Come on little miss and do the twist!” ♪♫ Get your groove on twinkle toes[...]
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