July 25, 2016

Oh H-E Double Toothpicks!

“Boarding elevator 666 to Hades and back; please move inside the car to allow for other passengers to enter.” The doors shut tightly and the audible signal dings rapidly as the car plummets to untold depths. The car comes to a smooth halt, the elevator doors open as the voice on the loudspeaker announces, “Now departing for the Hell in a Handbasket factory tour. Be sure to visit the Crafty Devil[...]
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July 18, 2016

Par for the Course

Looking for tips and tricks to lower your handicap and improve your golf game? Here’s some advice from golfing legend, Arnold Palmer: “I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: it’s called an eraser.” If your game is filled with flub shots and fried eggs, and you’re considering adding a life preserver to your golf ball instead of sending it to a watery[...]
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July 11, 2016

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball in the US had its beginnings around the time of the Civil War, but it didn’t take long for professional baseball to emerge. Pro baseball in its infancy was played in wooden ballparks built as early as the 1880’s, but grew steadily into its concrete and steel counterparts constructed starting around the turn of the century. These new state-of-the-art ballparks, radio and newspaper[...]
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July 4, 2016

Party ‘til the Cows Come Home

Holy cow!!! Farmer Angus Shorthorn has a dairy dilemma on his hands! The cows from seven neighboring farms have broken out of their pens and have been spotted partying in his horse paddock! Holy pass the chips and salsa, Farmer Shorthorn! Each cow has been ear tagged by its owner. Can you help Farmer Angus out of this predicament by sorting the cows and herding them back to their pastures and[...]
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