May 30, 2016

I Love a Parade!

Join in the annual Memorial Day parade! Our country’s veterans from every branch of the service are well represented, plus veterans groups, along with school and community organizations. Everyone is assembled and ready to participate! This parade has a spectacular surprise for all the attendees; the United States Army and Navy bands will be taking part in the festivities! Both bands have choreographed[...]
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May 23, 2016

Go Hog Wild!

Calling all game of chance lovers! Go whole hog at Farmer Shoat’s HOGGENHEIMER Roulette Palace! This barn is filled with not only a passel of hogs, but good luck and ALL kinds of chances to win! Before you know it, you’ll be bringing home the bacon AND frying it up in a pan! Gather up your sounder of swine and let’s get started! Pork Chop, the croupier, will be your HOGGENHEIMER dealer[...]
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May 16, 2016

Chee Hoo for Hawaiian Dominoes!!!

Aloha! Welcome to paradise! Put down your ukulele, order up a Mai Tai from the Tiki Bar and get ready for some big island fun! Hui makou no ka mea, he paʻani o ka Hawaiian Dominoes – or easier yet, “join us for a game of HAWAIIAN DOMINOES!” Put on your best aloha print shirt or mu’u-mu’u dress, pull together 2 – 4 Makamaka (friends), a set of double 6 dominoes, and a pad and pencil[...]
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May 9, 2016

The 411 on 421!

Bon Jour! Are you ready to take a whirlwind tour of Paris AND learn the French dice game called 421? (Quatre cent vingt et un) Your overflowing tour bus has just delivered its load of sightseers to the local café for food, drinks and some 421 fun! Bienvenue! (Welcome!) Three to 10 tourists can play using 3 dice, a pile of chips or pennies (euros work too!) and pad a pencil to keep score. Be[...]
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May 2, 2016

Mum’s the Word

Four of the world’s brightest and most competitive detectives have been called together to solve a mystery of alphabetic proportion. Everyone’s lips are sealed as each private eye figures out their opponent’s hidden “word on the street!” Every detective has conducted their investigation, come up with their own concealed word and are keeping it under wraps. Without letting their own cat[...]
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