March 28, 2016


Serious gamers come in all ages, sizes and attitudes. Does the idea of playing a cooperative game make your stomach turn? Does the prospect of winning transform you into a piranha after its prey? Has harassing opponents to keep them off balance turned into an art form to you? Calling all kibitzers, instigators and smarty pants – I’ve got a game for you! LAUGH AND LIE DOWN is a non-politically[...]
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March 21, 2016

Demystifying Chinese Dominoes

Most experts agree that dominoes have their genesis in China but the exact year of their invention is clouded in history. It’s believed that dominoes have entertained generations of players reaching as far back as the 12th century AD. Dominoes are also the forefathers of playing cards. Exactly what are Chinese dominoes? Chinese dominoes come in a 32 tile set unlike 28 tile European double 6 set.[...]
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March 14, 2016

Medieval Matrimony

HALLO!!! Welcome to the biggest wedding event of 1475 AD! Twenty year old Duke Georg of Bavaria and 18 year old Princess Hedwig Jagiellon of Poland are to be married and a HUGE celebration is planned in their honor! After a two month journey from her homeland, Princess Hedwig and her entourage have finally reached their destination, Landshut, Bavaria. Greeted outside of town first by a vast array[...]
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March 7, 2016

The Seven Ounce Solution

Dr. Finkelstein uses his laboratory to create all sorts of tinctures and potions. He starts with a dash of this, combined with a vial of that, adds some heat and PRESTO, the creation of a new and exciting concoction! Educated postulation along with an element of good luck brings interesting results. BUT, when things go awry and a mixture flops, what happens? There’s where the 7 ounce solution comes[...]
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