November 30, 2015

All About Threes

Three of a kind, Three Coins in the Fountain and even “three sheets to the wind”, it’s all about threes. Many consider three to be their lucky number; even a lucky shamrock aptly has three leaves! We all know that “the third time’s a charm”, right? Get a hold of a genie in a lamp, how many wishes does he give you? Three, of course! Three can also carry a negative connotation; from “he’s[...]
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November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast and Football!

What’s more American than baseball, hotdogs and apple pie? Well, it’s a big turkey dinner with all the fixings and football on Thanksgiving Day of course! This year’s game plan has the Bears going head to head against the Packers and the Eagles battling it out with the Lions. But in the kitchen, the all-star lineup includes roasted turkey, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, hot homemade rolls,[...]
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November 16, 2015

Take a Spin on the Carousel

Remember the feeling of riding on a carousel? When the entrance gate opened, you ran as fast as you could to find what you thought was the best looking horse on the whole ride. Its saddle was encrusted with bright colored jewels and the mane was frozen in flowing motion. In the center of the carousel you could see all the gears and rods that made the horses move, and the mighty Wurlitzer band organ[...]
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November 9, 2015

Scrabble Not Your Thing? Then Just Roll with It!

Would you have to be physically dragged and forced at gun point to play Scrabble? Spelling not your thing? Needing a dictionary to challenge opponent’s words not in your wheel house? Before you decide to leave all word games behind, consider this. If Scrabble and Yahtzee had a baby, it would look exactly like WORD YAHTZEE. This 1978 blast from the past version published by the E.S. Lowe Company[...]
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November 2, 2015

Journey to the Spice Island of Zanzibar

Jambo! Hello! Polish up your Swahili and come with me to exotic Zanzibar, a grouping of the islands off the east coast of Africa. Zanzibar’s main island Unguja is famous for not only its white beaches and coconut palm trees, but also for its vast production of cloves. Slow down your pace as you meander with your fellow travelers through the winding streets of old Stone Town. Mingle with native[...]
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