September 29, 2014

Search Mystery Mansion to Find Your Treasure

You are cordially invited to MYSTERY MANSION – not for a dinner of epicurean delight – but for a treasure hunt! This 24 room mansion needs to be searched from top to bottom, room by room and object by object. Seven treasure chests have been hidden somewhere in the manor house; two are filled with gold and jewels and the others are filled with nothing but cobwebs and dust. Locating the real treasure[...]
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September 22, 2014

Treasure Quest – For the Indiana Jones in You

You’re immersed in an undersea adventure in search of Spanish galleon. The exploration is filled with danger and you’ll need all your provisions to survive. The waters are infested with great white sharks, Moray eels and barracudas. A giant octopus has been spotted in this area. Be careful, you could get entangled in seaweed or entrapped by a giant clam. Without your hatchet, pick and shovel you’ll be[...]
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September 15, 2014

How Aggravating is the Game of Aggravation?

If you’ve ever played PARCHEESI, SORRY, TROUBLE or HEADACHE, chances are you’ve played AGGRAVATION too! It’s been around since 1962 and it is a family classic. The object of the game is to be the first player to get 4 of your marbles from your base around the board to a safe home area. The play is easy. On a turn, a player rolls a die. To leave the base, you must roll a 1 or 6 to place one of[...]
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September 8, 2014

It’s a Masterpiece!

There’s a din of chatter in the room. The chairs, set up in neat rows in front of the podium, are filling up fast. People are arriving just in time to register before the auction begins. Most of the bidders are what you’d consider the “high rollers” – the who’s who of society with the fat checkbooks to prove it! They will bid whatever it takes to get the masterpiece they have their eye on! Seated[...]
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September 1, 2014

Fire Up Your Labor Day with Barbeque Trivia

It’s Labor Day – time to fire up the barbeque and celebrate! Did you know that Labor Day is the 3rd most popular holiday for barbequing in the United States with July 4th in the number one spot followed by Memorial Day? What’s not to like about a good old fashioned barbeque? Amaze your friends and family with your knowledge about barbeques with these trivia questions. What is the most number[...]
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