March 31, 2014

Guest Post Coming April 14th
Carrom Paul of the United Kingdom
Showcases the Game of Carrom

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to link up with The Carrom Shop on Twitter. I visited their online shop and was amazed at the gorgeous Carrom playing boards and interesting playing pieces. I knew nothing about the game and just had to know more. I emailed the shop and connected with Carrom Paul. Carrom Paul has promoted the game for over 15 years. His journey into the world of Carrom is an interesting one.[...]
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March 27, 2014

Seance – The Voice From the Great Beyond

Hello. This is your Uncle Everett calling from the great beyond. . . Picture this – your Uncle Everett is dead. You, your cousins, Uncle Everett’s attorney and Zeke, his parrot, are gathered in the parlor of his mansion for a Séance. Uncle Everett will speak from the great beyond to distribute all his money and worldly possessions. Your Uncle was loaded and has something of value for everyone.[...]
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March 24, 2014

Meet Gus Glitz – Mr. GameShow

What Game Show personality can be described as having a strong well-defined movie star chin, big baby blue eyes, a genuine glitzy plastic smile and Perfect-A-Mundo hair? Let me introduce Gus Glitz, star of the 1987 electronic interactive game MR. GAMESHOW by Galoob. His obnoxiously witty talk and cheesy smile set the stage for a real game show in your own home. Gus, with his microphone in hand, stands perched[...]
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March 20, 2014

You Don’t Say – A Game Rescue

Most people have heard of animal lovers rescuing a pet. But, I would bet that few have heard of a “Game Rescue.” Rescued games are recovered from antique shops, flea markets, second hand shops or garage sales. These games have served their purpose but now are set aside. Their titles and game play can’t compete with their modern counterparts, so they sit and wait for a second chance at a life. This[...]
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March 17, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day Fact and Fiction

What do we know about this holiday where corned beef and cabbage are the traditional fare, and the beer is dyed green? March 17th is the feast day dedicated to St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. “Patricus” was born into a Roman family in 4th century Briton; at 16 he was abducted and forced into slavery in Ireland. Eventually he fled Ireland but later returned as a bishop to convert the Irish[...]
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March 13, 2014

Splendor in the Glass

The 111th American International Toy Fair took place February 16 –19, 2014 in New York City. This colossal toy trade fair attracted approximately 26,500 toy industry professionals from countries all over the globe. Several of the visitors to the Toy Fair were curious about the origins of the stained glass windows featured in The Owl Works card game, Church Windows, published by Talicor/Aristoplay Inc.[...]
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March 10, 2014

Special Guest Post – Desi Scarpone,
Game Collector, Author, Movie and TV Director recalls his favorite game memories!

I come from a close-knit family, and one of the things I fondly remember from my childhood is playing board games on “game night” with my Brothers, Sister, Mother and Father. I think we started in 1968, in our new house, and probably picked Friday night to play since we kids didn’t have to go to school the next day. We played every game imaginable, but I think my favorites were DEALER’S CHOICE, MASTERPIECE[...]
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March 6, 2014

Blame it on Euclid!

Do you remember sitting in Geometry Class listening to the sound of the instructor’s voice and then it happened – your eyes glazed over and the voice just became a distant hum? Do words like axioms, theorems and proofs still make the hair stand up on the back of your neck? You can blame your post-traumatic mathematical syndrome on Euclid! This ancient Greek mathematician, from around 300 BC, is referred[...]
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March 3, 2014

Build Your Dream

When I was 9 years old, my parents built a new home. I got to view the whole process from clearing the land to walking in the front door of the completed house. It was utterly fascinating! I remember inspecting the house plans and seeing which room would be mine. (To me, that was the most important space in the house!) When my Dad, who general contracted the house himself, talked to suppliers and subcontractors,[...]
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